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Updated: Mar 11, 2023

I'm back with a new blog post!

I know, it's been a minute since I've sat down to vent about how I'm feeling or to share a story but I have great reasons.

Like everyone else these days (who has a job at least), I've been super busy working 12-16 hour shifts at my "nine to five", trying to keep sane (away from social media) and just enjoying my time with loved ones.

But that's a story for another day.

Today, let's discuss the importance of starting the things that we say we're going to do every year, but never do and how we can go from procrastinating to..


Me personally, I have so many things on my to-do list including things from 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Don't judge me, I'm sure you still have dishes in your sink or dirty laundry you haven't touched. So, yeah..

I think to make sure we do our best and knock off some of these goals, you have to actually decide to commit. If it's something you could care less about or you're doing it without passion, you're most likely going to give up or never do it anyways.

For example, If your passion is dance and you can't seem to get motivated enough to create routines, TikTok videos or practice, find someone else who can become a partner in helping you commit.

Me personally, depending on others to be as passionate about something I care about and actually show up is very rare so I end up exercising, creating art or simply learning a new skill alone.

That might be the Virgo in me too, I don't know..

When trying to tackle these goals, like finishing my upcoming album, I create a list of things that I need to do daily and weekly.

To be honest, I don't commit all the time but for the most part, because I've taken the time out to plan things, I tend to eventually come back and execute one by one.

I'm an old soul, so personally I physically write out my goals in a composition book and sometimes in the Notes app on my iPhone.

I struggle sometimes with starting certain goals because I'm a "perfectionist" and I "need more money" or time which prevents me from completing them.

So I'm learning to just START them anyways. For example, before making this blog I was trying to plan a simple photoshoot (just to update my social media) but I started to become frustrated thinking about the quality that I wanted and how I needed to purchase a photography camera.

Which requires..

And I'm trying to save and pay off a few debts that I have now after buying these Beyoncé Renaissance tickets.

Instead of closing my MacBook and going to sleep for work in the morning, I decided to get over my feelings and try to take a few photos.

So the other day I bought a few red posters from The Dollar Store, taped them together and put them on the wall. Tonight, I pulled out my studio light and took some photos with my iPhone just to see if I could make some magic.

Surprisingly, they came out amazing!

Instead of contemplating, doubting myself and being a procrastinator, I got up and did something. Without the expensive photography camera..

Now imagine what you could do if you stopped procrastinating and just started.

You'll be proud of yourself.

And it'll also help you to become better at setting goals and acting on impulse, even when you don't think you're "ready."

This year, you must commit to the process. The process is, starting from nothing and growing into something. Even if you did have everything you "needed", I'm sure there would still be a reason for you to procrastinate.

Don't give in to your negative thoughts or laziness if you really want to succeed.

"I'm tired.."

"I'll do it tomorrow.."

Push yourself.

Remember, use what you have until you can afford or get what you want. Be creative and brainstorm several ways to accomplish your goals but don't think too long.

Take action and get it done!

Whether you're trying to lose weight, start a new business, release new music, become a nurse, finish college, get a new job, learn how to play a new instrument, finish reading a book, renovate your house.. whatever it is..

Just start and don't stop until you conquer it.

I believe in you.

Thank ya'll for continuing to support these blogs and I hope that you drop a comment and let me know what you think. Share your thoughts and feelings too.

Until next time..

Take care of yourself,

Von Tae

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